Nova Scotia is leading the way nationally in promoting electrification. Every Nova Scotian resident is eligible for a rebate of 500 dollars when purchasing an E Bike. Administered by the Electrify Nova Scotia Rebate Program.

E-bikes retailing in Nova Scotia for $1,200 or over are eligible for a $500 rebate if they meet the following criteria:

  • the e-bike retails for at least $1,200, inclusive of sales and discounts, but exclusive of taxes and delivery fees;
  • the electric motor must be 500 watts or less and be capable of propelling the cycle no faster than 32 km/h on level ground without pedaling;
  • the motor must disengage when the operator: (a) stops pedaling, or (b) releases the accelerator or (c) applies a brake;
    the motor cannot be gas- or diesel-powered;
  • the e-bike must be capable of being propelled by muscular power using the pedals, but it is not necessary to always be pedaling; and
  • the vehicle must meet any other conditions in the Motor Vehicle Act and regulations (R.S., c. 293, s. 1).

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