Lauren Cullen E-bike blog March 18, 2023

I’m fortunate to be testing out a Zen E-bike and so far, I love it. I was very recently introduced to e-biking while in a winery tour in Bordeaux, France in October 2022. I was instantly hooked and decided I needed my own e-bike in Halifax. I’d been toying with the idea of finding an alternate method of commuting to and from work. Some days, Halifax has serious traffic problems, and I’ve always been bothered by how much time I spend sitting while commuting by car or bus. If I have to commute, I might as well be getting some fresh air and exercise. What’s really great about the e-bike though, is that I can adjust the assistance from 1 (low) to 4 (high), depending on how much of a workout I want to get out of each ride.

My commute home from work will be mostly uphill, so who doesn’t want assistance after a busy work day…especially on hot summer evenings? The e-bike also has a ‘boost’ button that gives an extra burst of energy, which is super helpful on the hills.

Cycling in Halifax makes me a bit nervous, but I’m eager to try out some of the newly expanded bike lanes and multi-use trails in the city. I just need to build up my confidence, which I’ve slowly been working on as I test out this bike on a long trail in my neighborhood.

The first time that I took my Zen e-bike for a ride, I couldn’t get the smile off of my face. It’s taken some adjustment, as I’m used riding to a nimbler mountain bike for quicker turns on the trails. The Zen E-bike, though, is sturdy and my initial impression is that it will be a safe ride to work. I also love the spot on the back of the e-bike with sufficient space for a pack, though, I’ll likely carry my laptop in my backpack. Now, I just need the warmer spring weather to get me on the e-bike everyday!