Surface 604 is a Canadian electric bike company that has been around since 2013. According to Electric Bike Review, Surface 604 Ebikes are designed by riders for riders. The team has well over a century of road and mountain biking experience and has seen trends and gimmicks come and go. When it comes time to spec their bikes, they go straight for a powerful motor and some of the biggest, most respected names in the industry. Surface 604 offers a range of electric bikes including hybrid city electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, and fat tire electric bikes. 

Surface 604 offers a range of models, such as:

  • Rook, Big Sky, Sunny Day, and Baby Shred, which are commuter bikes with step-thru frames, large capacity batteries, and comfy saddles.
  • ColtWerkTwist, and Shred, which are do-it-all bikes with sleek and strong frames, extended and extra-large racks, and plus sized tires for stability and confidence.
  • Quad, which is a climbing bike with a beautiful new frame design and large tires for tackling any terrain.
  • Boar Hunter and Boar Explorer, which are SUV bikes with cargo capacity and ruggedness for avid hunters, fishermen, or outdoorsmen. The website provides the battery capacity, range, and upgrade options for each model, which vary from 14Ah to 20Ah and from 65mi to 105mi per charge. Customers can choose the best bike for their needs and enjoy the benefits of electric bikes.


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