Motion Heat is a brand that specializes in heated clothing. They offer a range of heated clothing products such as gloves, jackets, vests, pants and sock liners. Their heated vest has four separate heating elements to ensure you are warm in even the coldest wind chill. With adjustable straps and a shorter cut, it ensures that the vest fits snuggly without bunching up when bending and moving. Constructed with a softshell material it helps block out the cold and insulate the heat12

Motion Heat’s heated gloves are designed to allow you to ski long distance events and ride bikes in the coldest winter conditions despite Reynauds in your fingers. Their heated glove liners are like a powerful furnace. Using them with even lesser quality gloves, your hands stay warm3

Motion Heat’s heated pants and sock liners complete the ensemble. The nylon/polyester/spandex pants are robust enough to work as a stand-alone layer or even stand-alone pants in a travel context. A long flap on the left provides access to the power switch even when wearing a low-hemmed jacket4

Overall, Motion Heat offers high-quality heated clothing products that can keep you warm in even the coldest weather conditions.

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